Doña Petrona

Home-style eatery

Welcome to Doña Petrona. Here you will find dishes from here and there, drawing on our Argentine heritage and Spanish surroundings. We serve traditional recipes with a fun and surprising twist.

Our food is inspired by the work of an Argentine icon, the legendary Doña Petrona who was the first woman to cook on television in Argentina and the author of many best-selling cookery books, the first published in 1933 has now been published in more than 100 editions.

We want to share with you the flavours of Argentina and the sense of affection that fills us when we think of food from home, but always keeping in mind the diversity and abundance of the produce that we can enjoy in our every day in these latitudes.


The authentic Valencian esmorzaret, made by Argentinians

We have been utterly won over by this mid-morning meal in Valencia. The moment when you need to stop and pause; refuel and take a breather.

Here at Doña Petrona we prepare the authentic Valencian esmorzar and serve it alongside classic local snacks, including peanuts and pickles.

Come and enjoy our oversized sandwiches and toasties to keep you going until lunch.

Served Saturdays and Sundays, 10:00 to 12:00


Like eating at home, without the cooking

Every day our kitchen is ready to serve you all of our dishes or the set menu of your choice. From healthy, feel-good dishes to warming stews and soups, everything home-made and freshly cooked to order.

Daily from 13:00

Relaxed afternoons

Daily life in the Ruzafa neighbourhood

Our location, right in the city centre, means that we are the perfect place to come after work or school.

Whether you come for an afternoon snack with the kids and try our deliciously homemade cakes or just want to enjoy a beer or two with friends before heading home, Doña Petrona is the place to come.

We recommend our argentine empanadas to whet your appetite.


Keep the good times going

We stay open till midnight so make a night of it in Doña Petrona: come for the family meal and stay for the after-dinner drinks. Ask the team for our signature dishes or go for one of the special sharing menus to try a selection of dishes.

Dinners at Doña Petrona is the perfect chance to discover our extensive wine selection from near and far.

The kitchen is open all day, so come by anytime.

Reserve your table.